Well ahead of flooring companies should warm-up exercise.

Public micro-channel “calendar winter” flooring company should do “warm-up”

[China] floor with micro-channel marketing network to pull a large number of customers, business has become a standard Micro Signal public flooring business operations. As a flooring business tool enabling consumers to narrow the public micro signals on promotional products, services, promotions have a very significant role. After more than two years after the barbaric growth, public micro-channel is also facing a “winter” test, after the companies can not make more attractive micro-channel marketing, customer conversion rates are plummeting.

Public micro-channel “calendar winter” flooring company should do “warm-up” (enjoy more floor pictures)

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Micro-channel public platform, to a certain extent, to narrow the distance between the floor businesses and consumers, while also becoming a flooring company to enhance corporate reputation of a powerful weapon. Information push, fans interactive, customer service, online trading and other models are constantly appearing on the micro-channel platform.

But as a result of push information too often greater than the number of companies push push content and services, but will make consumers resentment. Micro-channel public platform for growth after two years of wanton face graphic conversion rate and user attention net decline in the number of embarrassment, have entered the “winter” trend.

Well ahead of flooring companies should “warm-up exercise.”

The reason why consumers are concerned about the public platform flooring business, simply because the interests of the stimulus, the rigid demand, the emotional resonance of the three factors. Stimulate interest that products, services and promotions to push the maximum stimulation of consumer spending; rigid requirements you need to grasp the needs of users to establish long-term information-dependent, service dependency, channel-dependent, and these, if only by pushing information and interaction to achieve, is impossible. If you want to micro-channel marketing, Fun, simple and crude information push now no longer able to meet the needs of consumers, and companies must understand the rigidity of the floor needs of users, amplify the emotional resonance.

Flooring business is based on the fundamental products and consumers, there is no good product to market is not possible without the support of consumers to the market is not even capable of lasting foothold. Whether or flooring companies in the micro-channel marketing, you should find out in the usual marketing just what consumers need is only based on conditions at just need to consumers, companies can often lasting memory.

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